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Titolo: Tintoretto – l’artista che uccise la pittura (O.V.)
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Data uscita: 11/04/2022

Tintoretto, the great architect of the Italian Renaissance, has deeply marked the artistic face of the city of Venice. A restless painter, he was able to amaze his clients with surprising finds, also thanks to the great speed with which he performed his works. The technical innovations of his painting have exerted a profound and constant influence on the history of art. His admirers range from Peter Paul Rubens and El Greco to Max Beckmann and Jackson Pollock; Tintoretto has left tangible traces in their works. There is no doubt about the modernity of Tintoretto, the audacity of its brushstrokes, the complexity of the stories told in its gigantic paintings, its marketing strategies today. All the more surprising is the fact that there is no documentary that portrays in an up-to-date a master so rich in imagination.


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